Mandarin Environment《名都环保》is a media brand dedicated to connecting the most innovative environmental technologies in North America with readers, who are Chinese environmental corporates and Chinese cleantech investors. Via print, digital, and events, readers are offered access to new technologies, industry leaders, and conferences spanning air, water, energy, and urban planning. China's spending on environmental clean-up and protection is massive, and ME is providing more effective channels between Chinese buyers/investors and Western technology providers. 


$290 billion

The expected amount China will invest in environmental remediation in 2016



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ME readers are focused on environmental technologies



Tao Fu

Environmental Engineering Professor at Tsinghua University, Director of Tsinghua Environmental Research Center, Cheif Editor of the Biggest Chinese clean-tech website/forum, has published lots of articles,books and reports related to clean-techs. 

Dong Ye

Born in 1964, founder and CEO of the first Chinese clean-tech venture capital (Tsing Capital). Has 10+ years experience of investment both in China and America. Has done more than 20 successful cases.


Xiaokang Wang

Born in 1955, he obtained an MBA and he is a senior economist. He is Chairman of the Board of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group and Chairman of China Industrial Energy Conservation and Clean Production Association.