Mandarin Leader 《名都领袖》 is a media brand dedicated to recognizing excellence in North America's Chinese community.  From artists to entrepreneurs, media personalities to China-hands, Mandarin Leader curates an annual list of individuals and organizations making an impact in their respective fields.  

Published in English, Mandarin Leader is not a rich-list, but rather an index of people and organizations who are not satisfied with the status quo.   

In 2016 Mandarin Leader is proud to bring you this must-know list of honorees across North America. 



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ML Honorees in North America in 2016


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Li Meizhen, 53 yrs, born in Hong Kong and lives in Berkley

Occupation: Business owner

Interests: Real estate, yachting and skiing

“My family has made tremendous sacrifices to build our company.  Now we can enjoy life a bit more.”


Ma Jing, 44 yrs, born in Tianjin and lives in New York   

Occupation: Private Equity

Interests: Travel, architecture, horses

“My success has not been luck. I work hard, and when it comes to leisure, I want to be pampered.”


Zhang Hui, 44 yrs, born in Chengdu and lives in Chicago  

Occupation: Senior Engineer

Interests: Travel, technology, art

“Knowing who's who in North America's Chinese community is a must for strategic networking.”