Mandarin Property《名都置业》is a media brand dedicated to connecting premium real estate opportunities in North America with readers, who are resident and inbound Chinese real estate investors. 

Via a city-centric print, digital, and events platforms, readers are introduced to top North American real estate developers, architects, builders, designers, lawyers, lenders, and agents. Mandarin Property (MP) was launched in Chicago in 2015, New York and San Francisco are launching in 2016. 

Chinese investment in North American real estate is just beginning, and MP is positioned to channel our readers towards real estate industry leaders and premium real estate projects seeking Chinese investment.


$8 billion

is the amount invested in US real estate in 2014 by Chinese buyers


$9 million

was the average price of residential properties MP has hosted receptions in



of MP readers plan to invest in North American real estate in the coming 3 years



Nicolas Wang, 49 yrs, born in Xi'an and lives in San Francisco  

Occupation: Real Estate Investors

Interests: Travel, skiing, design

“I am not necessarily looking for listings, I am seeking local real estate partners.”

Michael Zhang, 54 yrs, born in Shanghai and lives in Chicago  

Occupation: Investment Consultant

Interests: Music, investing, yachting

“My clients are Chinese real estate investors seeking unique properties to acquire in North America”


Wang Jing, 39 yrs, born in Changchun and lives in New York  

Occupation: Attorney

Interests: Fashion, modern art, french food

“It's sometimes hard to find developers interested in partnering with small Chinese real estate investors.”