MCG capabilities are designed to deliver ROI on your branding and marketing investment. 

While many consultancies offer commentary on the trend of come-and-go Chinese tourists in North America, or even offer data on Chinese handbag spending, these pundits ultimately miss what marketing executives need most: access, which MCG provides.

  • With clinical precision, our RESEARCH platform ensures that MCG publications' circulation is as targeted as possible - reaching North America's most stylish and successful Chinese households and businesses.   
  • We have developed a PUBLISHING platform that is led by our flagship award-winning brand, Mandarin Quarterly, followed by Mandarin Leader.   MCG's other media brands offer clients access to specialized Chinese demographic segments. 
  • Premium brands recognize that personal relationships with clients is crucial to long-term success.  Our EVENTS platform offers clients an opportunity to shake hands and listen to the evolving needs of existing and new clientele.   

Aligned with client objectives

If your objective is to undertake a branding or marketing campaign to more effectively position your offerings to Chinese households or businesses in North America, our capabilities were designed for exactly such undertakings. 

Tactical and strategic

Whether your strategy is to host a launch party, implement a loyalty campaign, or increase/expand the channel mix by which you communicate with Chinese households and companies, MCG capabilities ensure the the right message is delivered to the right Chinese audience at the right time. It is the combination of MCG's tactical and strategic marketing and communications tools that drive an improved return on marketing expenditure.

Tested by global brands

Since 2009, MCG has become the trusted name that marketing executives rely on for access to Chinese residents and companies in North America.   Across multiple demographic segments, geographies, industries, and platforms, MCG's capabilities are designed to provide B2B and B2C executives with the tools needed to cultivate relationships with the increasingly lucrative Chinese household and company in North America.