MCG’s publishing platform is utilized by marketing executives seeking opportunities to reinforce their premium market position in North America. 


Whether ad placement or editorial inclusion, MCG's print and digital channels are where our clients execute marketing campaigns and cultivate brand awareness amongst Chinese in North America. 

What makes MCG publications unique is our targeted focus. With almost clinical precision MCG has designed each brand to reach a defined audience of B2B or B2C readers/followers.  

For example our flagship brand, Mandarin Quarterly, reaches Chinese white-collar professionals residing in North America, Mandarin Leader reaches only the top 10 percent of Mandarin Quarterly audience, 8INC reaches ambitious Chinese investors based in North America or China.

MCG's titles are designed to ensure our clients' marketing efforts are as targeted as possible, and therefore effective.  

Learn more about each brand here. 

General Editorial inquiries:  editorial@mandarincommunicationsgroup.com

General Advertising inquiries: advertising@mandarincommunicationsgroup.com