We help marketing executives better understand Chinese households and Chinese companies in North America. 


The most effective marketing and branding campaigns start with knowing as much as possible about the audience.

MCG offers a research and consulting platform to provide B2B and B2C businesses with quantitative and qualitative insights and strategies for more effective access to Chinese households and companies in North America.   

Our research and consulting clients include corporations, non-profits, associations, and city/state governments seeking the data and intelligence needed to support their strategic decision-making. Clients ask us questions like: 

  • What's the size of the market for our offering amongst Chinese in North America? 
  • How do Chinese companies make decisions in North America?
  • Which Chinese New Year's galas are worth sponsoring? 
  • Which states, counties, and neighborhoods have the fastest growing Chinese populations? 

With proven capabilities in analytics, market and demand forecasting, trends analysis, and marketing strategy,  MCG consultants provide research and consulting deliverables that stand up to the scrutiny of senior management.