Mandarin Communications Group 'MCG' is a marketing and media company built around a straightforward mission: support our B2C and B2B clients' efforts to market and brand their offerings to Chinese households, companies, and investors in North America. Whether jewelry, fashion, real estate, or banking, MCG provides a wide range of capabilities designed to help marketing executives execute their campaign to engage Chinese in North America.     

  • Our research is second to none, offering quantitative and qualitative insights about Chinese in North America. 

  • Our media brands cater to affluent Chinese households and Chinese corporates/investors seeking opportunities in North America.

  • We co-host over 50 brand activations a year with clients, including: launch parties, fashion shows, networking receptions, open-houses, business symposiums, and fund raisers.    

If reaching Chinese in North America is a priority for your brand, you've found the experts. 


Strategic Focus:  Marketing campaigns targeting Asian-Americans is a good start, but a bit too broad for most marketing executives.  MCG's sole focus on Chinese in North America has allowed our research team to focus on building North America's most comprehensive database of Chinese households, organizations, and companies.  

Results Oriented:  Simply commenting on the trend of Chinese luxury spending in North America is not enough. Our clients demand results from their marketing expenditure, which means operating a company with three capabilities under one roof:  Research & Consulting, Publishing, and Events. 

Coast to Coast, but city centric:  MCG supports clients with branding and marketing campaigns across North America, but in order to cultivate loyal readers we have undertaken a city-centric editorial focus - which translates into immediate opportunities for our clients. 


Marketing executives overseeing North America are starting to formally recognize the emergence of a compelling trend:  Hardworking and affluent Chinese families, companies and investors are moving to North America at an accelerating rate. Reaching them is now a top priority.  

Chinese tourism is an opportunity we are aware of, but MCG's capabilities are not designed with this shopper in mind. Our capabilities support brands to engage affluent Chinese households and firms that are in North America for good, meaning an opportunity for MCG clients to cultivate long-lasting relationships.  Tourists come and go.

Although the population of Chinese households and firms in North America is smaller than other demographic segments (only 7M), the opportunity is becoming one of the most lucrative customer segments for B2C and B2B businesses across North America. However, marketing executives often have trouble accessing: 1) accurate consumer intelligence, and 2) channels for engagement often remain unsophisticated.   MCG was established to be a resource for marketing executives looking for intelligence, access, and results.