Exclusive Chinese investor club called "8" hires MCG to produce a members magazine

MCG has announced a partnership with with 8 Investor Club to produce a bi-annual print magazine called '8INC', which is part of the Club’s effort to more effectively connect Club members with each other, and with premium business and lifestyle opportunities in North America. 

8INC’s editorial will cover technology, investment, philanthropy, and lifestyle, which is what  by MCG and 8INC, plus their partners and affiliates.

The first issue, Fall/Winter, will be published in October 2016 and will be available only to members of the Club and their investment and business advisors. The Spring/Summer issue is set for release in April 2017. A controlled circulation of 5000 copies is expected for the first year.  

8INC will also be available online as an e-magazine on 8 Investor Club’s own channels.

8INC will be branded as a MCG publication, but will act as a standalone magazine for the Club”, states Publisher John Robinson.

YuJin Chou, Senior editor, continues: “The Launch of 8INC coincides with the increasing number of Chinese investors and family offices searching for a wide range of opportunities in North America. They are looking for opportunities they can pursue, but ideally with other Club members. So, part of the editorial focus is to raise awareness of people, places, and opportunities in North America that are also seeking to connect with 8 Investor Club members, who happen to be some of the most successful, and discreet, Chinese families.   

More about 8 Investor Club here